Greetings YINpreneur!

If you have been following me on social media you know that I've been neck deep in home renovations. In the few quiet moments in-between I have continued to update and enhance our YINpreneur™ Village home.

Most of the changes have the intention of creating simplicity, guiding step-by-step and engaging your senses (visual and audio).

This has manifested in updates and enhancements, e.g.:

  • Virtual RetreatU™: simplifying course offering, adding more visuals, audios and videos to meet each of you where you are and the way you like to learn.
  • YINpreneur™ Village membership: simplifying access, adding more opportunities to connect by Zoom and in our Facebook group.


  • More Facebook Lives
  • Email and social media updates to invite folks to move from our prior websites (VirtualReteatU & YINpreneur Village) onto our new Teachable home.
  • Discussion Cafe: adding or enhancing the chat forum to each course. These can be found at the bottom of most pages.

In case you did not know, Teachable is a course creation site, so the language usually refers to courses. I may use the following words to speak of our Village (my word/Teachable word):

  • sanctuary (Teachable website/platform)
  • studio (courses)
  • modules (sections)
  • units (lectures)

This is an overview of the many updates and enhancements. All are meant to help you feel like you are on retreat when you visit our online sanctuary.

Let's connect, grow and thrive.

From my heart to yours,