Ready to share your message with more people, profit, and ease?

Hello Beautiful! So glad you are here!

Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world, as a coach or healer, finding the courage to transition from corporate to entrepreneurship, or maybe dreaming about what you will do when you find yourself with time after your grown children leave home.

If any of this resonates, I feel you and would love to connect, learn more about your dreams and help you bring them to the world in a bigger, deeper, more affordable, way.


Feeling ready to lead online but don't know where to start?

Start with our unique, one-of-a-kind online and live group learning experience - created with the spirit of a mastermind - to nurture inner and outer leadership mastery.

A 12-week learning experience (live for Mastery-Platinum. Also a DIY option) to guide you step-by-step to create, market and lead passionate and profitable retreats. Audio, video and downloadable resources aligned to your senses & skills, complemented by one year of monthly moderated group calls to provide enhanced learning and support for your entire retreat leadership experience.

Are you on a mission to share your gifts, grow your impact, and create more peace?

Many will want to teach you to lead webinars and teleseminars as a sales tool. I want to connect you with your gifts and give you all you need to master heart-centered leadership, hold space online, and create your teleseminars and webinars as transformational retreats.

Nurturing passion, peace, and profit in your business and your life.

"The body of work you've created for Virtual RetreatU is simply brilliant. It resonates with clarity, value and care. So many of the resources you provide, especially for tech timid entrepreneurs, erase any doubt that business owners can bring their visions into reality with practical online and offline steps that actually work for them. Thank you for sharing in easily digestible ways all the precious gifts that Virtual RetreatU offers.

Even if participants implement only 2-3 of the tools available to them, their businesses will shift into growth and prosperity."

~ Sylvia Warren, MBA, Wild Wisdom Journeys

Does this resonate for you?

In conversations with other soulful individuals with a message to share, I heard this:

  • How do I choose the right tech to launch and lead my event?
  • What if I didn't grow up with tech (and a bit skittish about using it)?
  • Once I choose, what's next?
  • How do I create and hold space with virtual gatherings?
  • Can my land-based message actually be shared online?
  • How do I build confidence to lead a group online?
  • How do I create and own value, in my product or service?
  • How can I reach more people with more impact and less stress?
  • As a start-up, how can I afford to reach a large group?
  • Can I do it alone?

A one-of-a-kind online virtual group leadership experience & mastermind to hold space and take you step-by-step to confidently create, message, and lead your first virtual retreat or course with heart and ease.

Community is a key element of our learning experience.

I'm so excited about the course and community we are creating and want to share it with you.

The community in our initial leadership experiences is an awesome, loving and supportive circle. I believe you will appreciate connecting online and in our private Facebook community.

Yes, I'm teaching you how to lead virtual retreats, but I've created this experience with your heart, wellness, and inner entrepreneur in heart and mind. Supporting your retreat practice is an essential element of your leadership experience.

Connecting with you and you connecting with the coursework and your community is an important part of our journey, and your success. I am delighted you have connected with me to find out more about leading virtual retreats. I would be honored to be your guide.


I don't want to sell you a course. I want to create a safe space and provide the rituals, resources and tools to inspire and guide you step-by-step to dream, vision, and implement your retreat plan with ease. A way of being on retreat while learning to lead.

Does the business you want to create feel more like leading a movement?

Then, join our movement. A year-long program to nurture your inner & outer leader so you can model retreat for your tribe.

We inspire you to create a daily retreat practice and nurture your inner retreat leader.

We encourage you to start where you are, let go of the struggle, and move at a pace aligned with your heart, mind, spirit and tech skills as you create your unique path to leadership mastery.

Blending ancient wisdom and modern practice.

We walk step-by-step in our yang-masculine skills to enhance our outer virtual retreat leader. Creating space and calling on our yin-feminine rituals, resources and practices of the seasons, 5 elements, and moon energy to inform our inner leadership mastery.

Affectionately known as the Spiritual Geek among my mastermind circle, I enjoy getting those not born into a life of cell phones, laptops and Twitter confident to lead with today's tech.

"If you are a coach, consultant, educator or any type of teacher wanting to add "virtual retreats" to your repertoire, look no further than my mastermind buddy and friend Karen McMillan's class. Karen is one of my go-to gals when I have questions about technology AND she is a master at holding and creating sacred space on the phone (which a lot of people think isn't possible but it IS!) Check out her class. you'll be glad you did!"

- Elizabeth Barbour, M.Ed, Professional Speaker and Retreat Leader


Are you ready to let go of living small, be bold, know pure joy and thrive.

Do you desire a way of living and working that nurtures energy and creates impact.

If this resonates with your heart and mind, read on and learn why others are joining this circle of awesome and powerful feminine leadership.

You will cherish this learning experience if you:

  • Want to create a higher R.O.I for your business (more profit and ease)
  • Have a heart-inspired message you want to share with the world.
  • Enjoy 1:1 coaching, but want to share the power of groups with your clients.
  • Know telesummits and webinars are important to your business, but the traditional ones are salesy, and leave you feeling disconnected.
  • Want to feel confident leading groups using today's technology.
  • Want to connect deeply with your community - it is essential to your meaning of success.
  • Are a land-based businesses who wants to go global.
  • Seek a way to keep your land-based retreats alive.
  • Believe that leading from feminine essence is essential to your personal and business success.
  • Want a more affordable way to take your message global.
  • Want to create a business while you still have a day job.
  • Seek an affordable way of messaging and marketing.
  • Lead confidently with online technology.
  • Connect with your inner leader.
  • You want to be on retreat while learning to lead retreats.

Even more if you grew up with any of this as your tech

As the spiritual geek, I resonate with those of us who did not grow up with cell phones, tablets, Twitter or Facebook. Those who celebrated the arrival of color television, a dime's worth of security, a mobile phone which fit in your car, but not your purse or pocket, and needing a stamp to send a message to out-of-town friends and family. I am sensitive to this as I blend my old-school experiences with my decade of internet experience to craft every element and pace of this course, and related support.


When you complete this course (especially the live Platinum-Mastery mastermind) you will have the clarity and confidence to lead your first virtual retreat or course.

This journey is about the work, but it is also about your retreat practice and who you become along the way.


"I left our meeting yesterday in such awe of your loving support and deep commitment to each one of our successes. This is so rare!
Your embodiment of "retreat energy" and resulting outflow of its expression is constantly informing me on all levels of my being. So I too am flowing within it...immersed and absorbing its energy within every cell of my being. I experience its spacious, receptive, peacefull energy within every aspect of the program, from the tone and pacing of the instructional materials to our weekly group calls.
My heart overflows with gratitude to you, Karen, for all you have given to me as a result of this program. And I am so gratefull that now I too can confidently facilitate and share in retreat with others."

~ Sally Leathers, Heartland Energetics

In this learning experience you will receive:


  Module: Welcome to VirtualRetreatU™ Leadership Training Experience
Available in days
days after you register
  Module: What is A Virtual Retreat
Available in days
days after you register
  Module : Post-Retreat Opportunities
Available in days
days after you register
  Module: Celebration and Closure
Available in days
days after you register
  Discussion Cafe
Available in days
days after you register

"I am very grateful to Karen for not only providing the virtual heart and community experience, but also the tech part as well. As a result of moving through the process with Karen, I now feel empowered to move forward.

It is exciting to envision the possibilities – among them the introduction of Laughter Yoga. The way she beautifully breaks down the process step by step, walking her students through the technology as actual participants, allowed me to see first- hand that it IS possible!

My passion is to lead retreats. Karen’s expertise helped me to see that I can use some technology without taking on another full time job!

I so appreciate the gifts that Karen continues to offer to make leading retreats easier as she marches ahead of us through whatever may appear overwhelming to Retreat Leaders. Her commitment to growing professional

Retreat Leaders as well as women who access retreats for their own spiritual practice is definitely a Gift!"

- Caren Kolerski, Laughter Yoga


Join us

invest in your self, your leadership, your peace of mind, connections, your business

Examples of retreat leaders who have taken or will take the course:

  • Yoga teacher
  • Vision Board
  • Life Coach
  • Artist
  • Relationship Coach
  • Journaling
  • Healers
  • Integrative Health
  • Laughter Yoga
  • Creativity
  • Annual Planning and Visioning
  • Branding and Messaging

"I worked with Karen for many months mapping out my retreat by the sea. I had done many retreats in the past but they were more like workshops where I prepared a three ring binder with lots of work sheets, etc. This time I did not prepare a binder nor did I give out any work sheets. With Karen’s guidance it was all about the experience. The transformation. Being on retreat, relaxing, and truly enjoying the moments. This was also the first time I made a profit, with much less work. In the past, I broke even and many times lost money.

My biggest breakthrough was the transformation the women experienced at the retreat.I would venture to say that this was my best retreat."

Cynthia Barnett, PhD, Refire Don't Retire

My Inspiration

When my now 22+-year young daughter came into this world I committed to keeping her close to the light with which she was born. As she grew, I committed to never missing an event in which she participated (in her 22+ years, I've missed only 1, when I received my Master Retreat Coach Certification). When my family was relocated from NYC to NC, I was moved to connect with a diverse and vibrant community. To realize both, I started leading virtual retreats.

My first virtual retreat was a circle of 12 women who wanted to celebrate Winter Solstice without leaving home. It was a beautiful sacred space of self-care and joy. We connected deeply. Eight years later and several still attend my seasonal retreats, and purchase other services. I want this connection, ease, and abundance for you too.

If any of this resonates, I feel you and would love to connect, learn more about your dreams and help you bring them to the world in a bigger, deeper, more affordable, way.


Join and thrive!

Peace of Mind Guarantee

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Once cancelled you will no longer have access to the online studio or Private FB group. However, you may keep the resources you have already enjoyed and downloaded - as it is not possible to return digital content. At the time of cancellation, all future monthly payments will be discontinued (within 14 days of notice). If for any reason you wish to dispute or discuss, my door is open. Please email me with {Virtual RetreatU} in the subject line.

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Giving Back

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