Zoom 101 Workshop-Retreat

HeArt of Tech: 2-hour workshop-retreat to empower you with confidence & ease to connect with your tribe, share your message, & expand your impact with Zoom

SEPTEMBER 19, 2018 @ 7:00 - 9:00 pm ET

(event will be recorded if you can't attend live)

This 90-minute workshop with 30-minute live Q&A to empower you to connect with your tribe, share your message, & expand your impact using Zoom video conferencing services with confidence and ease.

Topics We Will Review During Our Gathering:

An introduction to Zoom to empower you to connect with your tribe, share your message, & expand your impact.

  • What is Zoom (overview of video conferencing services)
  • Who uses Zoom & why
  • Key features & best practices: includes raise hands, recurring meetings, breakouts, polls, file transfer, Zoom apps, recording & screen share
  • Setup new account/profile & admin dashboard
  • Scheduling your first meeting & sending invites
  • Leading your tribe with Zoom - including chat, Q&A, recording & screen share options {toolbar & leadership tips}
  • Crafting invites using Zoom (with or without registration)

Planned flow:

  • 7:00 pm: create sacred space with breath and intention
  • 7:10 - 8:30 pm: workshop with screen share
  • 8:30 pm: Q&A for any questions not addressed during our workshop
  • 8:55 pm: breathe & closing ritual


  • Best practices for leadership mastery with Zoom
  • Using Zoom on devices
  • Handouts: best practices & settings
  • Q&A: customize your Zoom experience

If there is time or interest, we will also cover:

  • BONUS: Breakout option
  • BONUS: Bringing your land retreat or event online (expert tips - more will be covered in the YINpreneur Sisterhood Founders-only Bonus mastermind)

* Can't make it live, no problem. Register and receive access to the replay which will be uploaded to our Teachable online sanctuary within 24-48 hours after the live performance. Lifetime access.

  • QUESTIONS: You can share your questions in our Discussion Cafe' before the event and they will be answered during the live event.

No need to procrastinate or let fear of using this tech stand between you and leading your retreat or connecting more deeply with your tribe. Join us and learn the simple ways to bring your online gathering to life with ease and confidence - even if you have never lead an online/Internet gathering before.

If you grew up with this as your tech, you will truly appreciate what and how I lead this course and inspire you to lead using this tech. #spiritualgeek

We're launching our new #spiritualgeek gatherings with this workshop. Upcoming topics/events will include: email marketing (choosing & best practices), creating, storing, sharing video & audio basics, visual formatting & sharing, Facebook live best practices, social media 101, audio broadcasting, and more. Over the year we will play with the likes of Zoom, GetResponse, Canva, Vimeo, iMovie, Camtasia, YouTube, Wistia, SoundCloud, Spotify, GarageBand, Audioacrobat, and more.

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Your Guide

Karen McMillan, ACC, BCC
Karen McMillan, ACC, BCC

Mom, YINpreneur, Retreat Muse, & Spiritual Geek

Passionate about guiding mission-inspired women on a journey of mindset mastery, manifesting, and self-care. I am called to blend ancient wisdom with modern practice, rituals, and resources to empower your inner and outer entrepreneur. Here in our Village, this is known as The Way of the YINpreneur™.

As Creator and Founder of YINpreneur Village™ and Virtual RetreatU™, I get to share my belief that retreat is not only a place to get away but a daily practice for life and work.

My work is informed by decades of both corporate & nonprofit management blended with spiritual practices, of yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, breath work and, more recently, Reiki.

I invite you to join me on a Journey to Center, slowing down to speed up your success, coming out of your head (yang-masculine) and into your heart (yin-feminine) to create a sustainable path to balance, power, deep knowing, peace, and prosperity.

You can find me hanging out around the interwebs (as my daughter calls it)


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Join and thrive!