What Is life balance

Some will shun the concept of life balance claiming it is a myth.I believe that those who believe this may be referencing the old-school, more masculine definition of life balance. One that brings to mind a life of actions and a traditional two-part scale.A scale that is only balanced when both (two) sides (parts) are seen in equal measure. This perspective often references life balance according to the topic of work-life balance.

Others may understand life balance more like a bicycle ride, i.e., balance is achieved with constant movement. Knowing that the only way to move forward and maintain balance is to keep pedaling, i.e., to keep taking and action that creates balance. Without this constant doing, movement, the cyclist would lose balance - especially if they try to pedal anyway but straight, forward, in a linear fashion.

Seeking and Sustaining Balance

To liken it to the bicycle rider, the best rider will not only have skills that allow balance (yang, doing) but an inner belief or confidence and knowing (yin, intuition) which nurtures the doing and forward movement- balancing the being and the doing.

This way is aligned with the Way of the YINpreneur™ in heart and mind. The Life Balance Bagua Planning ebook-journal invites you to understand life balance as a way of balancing your energy, intentions, and actions in various parts of your life and situations, that come to us as human beings (not human doings).Knowing that at any given moment in time, you may be called to a practice or ritual to bring a part of yourself, your life, back into balance.

With this resource, you will have the clarity to know when you are feeling disconnected or out of balance.With this wisdom, you will be called to create rituals and practices to stay in awareness and sustain connection, balance, and alignment for longer periods of time, and possibly with greater power.

I invite you to download the FREE Life Balance Planning Bagua ebook-journal, which blends the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui with visioning and manifesting practices. Enjoy the art, color, and play of this resource as you connect with and align your energy and vision, being and doing on your journey to your yin-feminine empowered center. Feeling aligned and comfortable in your own skin.

How do you define, create and sustain balance in your life? We'd love to share below in the comments or in our YINpreneur™ Wisdom Circle Facebook group.