Mom, YINpreneur, Retreat Muse, Spiritual Geek

Karen McMillan, ACC

Passionate about guiding mission-inspired women on a journey of mindset mastery, manifesting, and self-care. I am called to blend ancient wisdom with modern practice, rituals, and resources to empower your inner and outer entrepreneur. Here in our Village, this is known as The Way of the YINpreneur™.

As Creator and Founder of YINpreneur Village™ and Virtual RetreatU™, I get to share my belief that retreat is not only a place to get away but a daily practice for peace and balance in life and work.

My work is informed by decades of both corporate & nonprofit management blended with spiritual practices of yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, breath work and, more recently, Reiki.

I invite you to join me on a Journey to Center, slowing down to speed up your success, coming out of your head (yang-masculine) and into your heart (yin-feminine) to create a sustainable path to balance, power, deep knowing, peace, and prosperity.

From my heart to yours,

You can find me hanging out around the inter webs (as my daughter calls it)