Connection is powerful (the practice and energy). Connecting with your tribe is a gift for you and them. This is one reason I LOVE LOVE LOVE leading virtual retreats.

If you follow people who write about marketing trends, you may notice that they speak of intimacy as being the new trend. When I read this I cannot help but ask, "How can intimacy and authentic relationships be a trend and still be real and sacred?"It also makes me sad, since some may feign intimacy in the interest of following a trend.

I've been messaging & practicing intimacy since I started in business over a decade ago. It was not a trend, it is all I know and the only way I know how to be in business... since my first virtual retreat almost 10 years ago, before Zoom, we created this sacred space and intimacy by phone.

Each Monday, we continue to connect deeply by phone in our Wisdom Tea meditation circle. On Wednesday, we go deeper in our Spiritual Co-Working circle. These and more allow mission-inspired women to connect hearts, energy, and experience to witness and celebrate each other. In our Virtual RetreatU mastermind, we've connected so intimately and deeply we've shared tears and virtual tissues.It's a beautiful thing when we let go of marketing & list-building to connect and grow. Over this decade, clients have become friends, and the circle continues to grow.

For me, a very private person, intimacy is not simply about sharing my private life online. It is all about connecting deeply. Creating space for me, and others to show up, as they are, and know they are perfect. Naturally.

For some, the idea of leading online and connecting deeply can be daunting. This is why we always talk about starting where you are.K.I.S.S. = Keep It Simple and Sacred (even if you have never lead a group on land or "c" = cyberspace)

In this VirtualRetreatU podcast I share what I've learned (over 10 years of leading & 6 years of teaching) about the three (3)phases - starting points- which help you enjoy leading with confidence and ease.

I invite you to share what shows up for you as you listen, and/or any questions that arise (in the comments below or PM me). Mostly, I encourage you to connect with your people. It feels so good! 💝

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