Welcome (video 8 min)

Welcome Beautiful Leader,

You are a gift to the world! Enclosed are warm greetings and congratulations. Congratulations on committing to taking a journey to create more peace and prosperity for you and your retreat participants.

Welcome to the Virtual RetreatU™ online learning studio. Your home for our Virtual Retreat Leadership Training Experience. This is where you will enter to engage with the learning modules, resources, and bonuses to create your life and business with ease and grace.

Please remember, this experience is about retreat and renewal. My mission is to help you hold this space as you work and plan how you will share your message with more people, power, and ease. The key intention is ease. This journey is about the work, but it is also about your Journey to Center transformation, and whom you will become along the way.

This program and studio are created to help you get in touch with the overall benefits both you and your retreat participants will receive.

With any journey, it's often easier to get where you are going when you know where to start. With this in mind and heart, I want to give you a bird's eye view of Virtual RetreatU™ Leadership Training Experience. In the next unit I share an overview of the content you receive with your Virtual Retreat Leader Training Experience online learning studio.

Enjoy this getting started video.

Mostly, know that I am here to support and celebrate you on this journey to sharing your gifts with more people, power, and ease.

Please feel free to let me know if, at any time, you are feeling confused, overwhelmed, or simply need to take a breather. We can be in touch via our discussion Forum (below) or our closed Facebook group. For now, light a candle, put on some music, take a breath and just be as you feel your way into this creation and our Virtual RetreatU™ learning studio.


P.S. To enhance our community, all levels of our learning experience will gather here in Virtual RetreatU. However, access to the various studios and bonuses will vary based on the level/program in which you are enrolled.

Recommended apps:

You can download the PDF docs from the course to print or enjoy digitally and review, highlight and take notes. Once downloaded, on a keyboard or stylus, you can also complete the journal activities. Below are the recommended apps to enjoy this course with digital support: